Volunteers day/ اليوم التطوعي الثامن بإبرسفالده

On 13th of May we invite every one to be volunteer for one day  in Eberswalde. You can chose to help in one of 31 different one-day-projects, which we introduce below. Please chose your project and sign in here: www.freiwillig-in-eberswalde.de/content/anmeldung-zum-freiwilligentag

If you like volunteers to accompain you to the project or if you need help to find the place, please let us know.

1. Help to paint the entrance wall of Tausch- Leih- und Schenkladen, Eisenbahnstraße 69                                      

2. Build banches and help in the garden to crate a Café in the yard of Kleiderkammer, Eisenbahnstraße 84

3. Meet people who organize carnival in Eberswalde and help them to put decorations in order

4. Repair old bicycles which will be given to refugees.

5. Paint walls or play ground items in a lesure time centre for kids.

6. Bake bread in an outdoor clay oven and prepare German sandwiches for the evening party of the volunteers day.

7. Help to prepare lunch for other volunteers of the day.

8. Help with gardening and painting works around an achient clock tower.

9. Take fotos in different projects of the day and help to prepare a presentation for the evening party.

10. Create art works from old books in the city library.

11. Take part in a music journey and learn more about different music instrumens from all over the world.

12. Create items for a kids circus project and help wirh rehearses for a short presentation at the evening party.

13. Help to prepare a next days event for gardeners "Tag der Sortenvielfalt" in Forstbotanischer Garten.

14. Support artists and team of Kanaltheater while their rehearses for a play about a concentration camp.

15. Decorate and prepare the hall of Paul-Wunderlich-Haus for the evening party.

16. Help with order and cleaning after the party.

17. Order and sort games and materials at a family centre.

18. Learn about the former jewish community in Eberswalde and clean memorial cobblestones.

19. For women only: Meat newcomer and local women, cook and exchange ideas for future activities.

20. Sing or make music for people in an eldery home.

21. Meet migrants from Pakistan and play cricket with them.

22. Support gardening on a school yard of a Montessori primary school.

23. Meet kids of a children home and do some gardening together with them.

24. Create a nature experience area or do some gardening in a kindergarden.

25. Build simple shelters in the forest for children of a kindergarden who spend time in the nearby forest.

26. Build fences and catchment trays for amphibians to protect them from the trafic along a road near the Zoo.

27. Help to elimate invasive sorts from the forest near the city centre.

28. Create new patches and ways in a gardening area of a kindergarden.

29. Create a new garden in front of a church.

30. Clean and plant around a memorial for victims of the 1st world war.

31. Start together with other volunteers to create a new school yard of a secondary school.

For further information call us under 03334 2594959


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9. Freiwilligentag in Eberswalde
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Die Freiwilligenagentur ist eine Kooperation der Stadt Eberswalde und der Bürgerstiftung Barnim Uckermark.

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